Cooling With Evaporation

Do you think it is really possible to cool an AC unit by evaporation? Do you know what cooling coils are? Do they have the same function as the evaporator coil? Read on and find out the answer to these questions. Some people use the term cooling coils and evaporator coils interchangeably. Cooling coils are […]

Cooling At Lower Costs With Industrial Evaporative Coolers

Large Air Coolers – For Industries Only In some places in industries, a lower temperature (compared to atmospheric) is required from process point of view or from comfort point of view. Air conditioning is out of question, as it would require large capital and huge running payment of electricity bills. Evaporative cooling is the solution […]

Cooling Tips For Your Air Conditioning System

Interestingly enough a big AC may not be your ideal answer to the summer heat. It might, in fact, provide you less cooling than a smaller unit, since smaller units run longer than bigger ones which tend to click on and off. Running longer permits smaller units to maintain a regular room temperature, remove moisture […]

Fluorescent Lightings

You may be used to your standard watt light bulb. But nowadays it seems that fluorescent lightings are really gaining popularity. Unfortunately, over the years fluorescent lightings have carried the negative stigma that they provide flickering, sickly, green-tinted, institutional-like, headache-inducing, noisy light. But, those lights that used to be favored only for lighting the garage […]

Halogen Lights And How To Use Them

Halogen lights and bulbs are types of the incandescent light technology. These lights and bulbs function by letting electricity pass through a filament or thin wire of tungsten enclosed by a tube of glass filled with halogen gas. The halogen gas serves as the catalyst for chemical reaction. The reaction causes the tungsten to be […]

Factors To Keep In Mind About Kitchen Lighting

Changing your kitchen lighting can also be a way for you to improve the look of your kitchen without having to spend too much money. By changing the lighting in the room you can highlight certain areas as well as make a nice romantic nook for a late night snack. There is no end to […]

Discount Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors do not come cheap. In fact, compared to concrete and synthetic materials, pure hardwood floors are more expensive, primarily because it comes from an exhaustible resource. It takes years for a tree to be fully grown and ready to become building material, but it only takes a few hours to mix concrete. Thus, […]

Discount Sofa

Discount sofas come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. You should be in control of what you are looking for in a discount sofa, not the retailer. By offering only limited styles and sizes at a discount price, the retailer controls what you buy. Unless you absolutely have to have a sofa today, […]

Discount Hardwood Flooring – Get It Cheaper From The Same Brand Names

Discount hardwood flooring is available from all the major manufacturers of hardwood flooring materials. One form of cheap hardwood for flooring is engineered hardwood, but some of the discount brands are solid hardwood. This flooring is perfectly suitable for areas where you can nail, staple or glue the boards in place and is even suitable […]