Clocks are more than just mere timepieces. They can be used as good decorative pieces in your home. They come in various sizes and shapes. Clocks also are made from different materials. The nature of the material used and the clock manufacturer are among the most crucial factors in determining the quality of the clock, including its price. For example, a simple digital clock might fetch you a few dollars, while those wooden and antique grandfather clocks generally cost up to thousands or more. Today’s clocks are do not just provide time correctly, but they also add glamour and beauty in your home. There are many clocks available, especially of the pendulum type. From miniature, table-accent clocks to grandfather ones, clocks are a gorgeous addition to your home. Don’t you think it is now time to think of clocks as not just mere timepieces?

1. Clocks In History

Clocks first came into existence in 1656 when the first pendulum clock was built by Dutch astronomer and mathematician Christian Huygens. Prior to his invention, clocks during Huygens’ time were not inaccurate. The most accurate clocks that time were off by several minutes daily. Thanks to Huygens, having a reliable clock everyday proved to be possible. Huygens used a pendulum as the timer of the clock. Before Huygens, however, Galileo was already doing some work on how to invent a clock! Galileo even had a pendulum system to keep track of time. Unfortunately, he died before he was able to complete his work.

2. Decorating with Clocks

Decorating a home using clocks is not exactly new. Since a few hundred years ago, home owners and good decorators have been choosing clocks as decorative devices in their homes. Ever since the pendulum clock was invented by Christian Huygens in the 1600s to measure weights and as a type of swinging pendulum, clocks have been known as good decorative items.

3. Modern Clocks

Compared with past ones, today’s clocks are stylish and sleeker in style aside from serving its main purpose. More than just telling time, clocks of today’s age, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, are definitely more elegant and nice to look at than compared with their older counterparts.

4. When Choosing A Clock

5. Large Clocks